What is the Inductor Energy and how does it work?
A range of adhesives and similar materials are used in the production of modern vehicles. As you know, car windows and other parts are bonded to the car using adhesive. Many car repair companies have to replace or attach these parts. The Inductor Energy heat equipment enables a car mechanic to quickly remove a part that has been bonded to the vehicle with adhesive without destroying the part. In most cases, the parts can be re-used. The Inductor Energy is a high-frequency electromagnet that only heats metal parts (or parts that contain metal) when they are in the direct vicinity of the accessory heads of the Induction Energy. The accessories are: Heat Pad, Glass Releaser. Heat Concentrator and Heat Block. The magnetic field travels through all non-metal parts such as glass and decorative mouldings and heats only the underlying metals.
What are its uses?
Almost anything that has been bonded to metal using adhesive or double-sided tape can be removed easily by heating the metal with the magnetic field of the Inductor Energy; this makes the adhesive or glue layer soft and releases the part. In contrast to the use of gas burners, the Inductor Energy can heat metal in very narrow and fire hazardous areas without the need to remove parts from the bodywork (which would be damaged if a naked flame were used). In addition, induction can be used to heat cold metal when attaching adhesive strips, etc. There is no need to wait. The possibilities are endless!
What are the advantages of the pneumatic foot switch?
In garages and workshops there is often liquid and/or dirt on the floor; this can damage an electric switch or even break it. The Inductor Energy uses a pneumatic foot switch to activate the electric switch in the machine so that it is better protected. This reduces the chance of electrical problems.
Can the Inductor Energy damage the car computer?
The car computer is inside a metal case that protects the computer from the magnetic field. The magnetic field only reaches the surface of the metal and does not pass through it. The effective magnetic field of all accessory heads is at most about 2.5 (6.4 cm). Thanks to these factors, the computer is rather well protected.
What is the advantage of the Glass Releaser compared to conventional glass disassembly techniques?
Conventional glass disassembly techniques such as a draw knife, Fein knife or piano string cause problems due to collateral damage. One mistake with a Fein knife and you can damage the paintwork or the encapsulation around the black Mask on the window. The Inductor Energy ensures that the adhesive used to bond the window releases the window, so there is no risk of damage. The blades of a draw knife or Fein knife need to be replaced regularly; this is not necessary in the Inductor Energy. A glass mechanic often has to remove panels before he can remove a window. Since the Inductor Energy works on the outside of the window assembly, this is not necessary in the Inductor Energy. Modern cars have windows whose shape makes it difficult to remove them with a draw knife; this makes it hard to avoid extra damage. The use of the Inductor Energy is an easy solution to these problems. Once a mechanic has experience using the new equipment, there will soon be a considerable increase in efficiency for many side and rear windows. Where a rear window currently takes 1 to 2 hours, using the Inductor Energy it can be done in 5 to 10 minutes.
Can the Inductor Energy damage glass?
The Inductor Energy only heats the metal under the glass, so if the Inductor Energy is used according to the instruction manual, there is no risk of damage.